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June 11, 2010, the date another great memory from the 80s is tainted?  Time will tell.  For us hardcore enthusiasts the only way to make another karate kid movie is to bring Pat Morita back from the grave and give Ralph Machio serious plastic surgery  to make him once again look like a 23 year old playing a 17 year old.

Initial shock when we found out that this:

is being replaced by this:

Never mind that the original films were geared towards high school and college aged viewers and not the Miley Cyrus crowd, the character is named Dre and has cornrows!  How in the world are you going to wrap that cool karate kid bandana around that amount of hair?  I would have much preferred a pre Fresh Prince aged Will Smith play Daniel-san than his son.

All is not lost fellow fans, this choice for Mr. Myagi may indicate this film isn’t ready to be ‘put in a body bag’ just yet.  (Original Karate Kid reference)

This photo give me hope as well:

as does this one (even though that is a pretty pathetic horse stance, get those thighs flat):

I hope this movie makes me eat crow once released.  I welcome that because I love this franchise so much.  43 days to go …


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